Stressreduction for managers

Stay ahead of your burnout!

In a survey by market research agency iVox, researchers concluded that half of the Flemish respondents are at risk of a burnout, 34% of whom are at high risk.

The problem is that we treat the symptoms separately (worrying, sleeping problems, lack of focus, headache ...) and don't see the connection. Much also depends on the frequency and the duration with which they occur. But that too proves difficult to estimate objectively . We often have to crash before we realize that something is wrong. But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can achieve a lot by:

  • Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of stress and burnout
  • Gain insight into the risk factors
  • Learn to observe yourself more objectively
  • Learn skills that make you more resilient and help you keep your balance.

Coaching helps you to:

  • Learn to deal more effectively with stress and burnout
  • Successfully and intensively reintegrate into work after a period of stress or burnout
  • Averte an imminent burnout

Aora also offers training programs on stress reduction for companies. Click here for more information.

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