Happy clients...

Pascal Vermeulen

Director Climact

"I have known Katleen for years. She has proven her expertise several times when I was still working at Unilever and Sara Lee. 
I called on Katleen to contribute to the development of one of our engineers. The results are impressive and visible. The person in question has clearly evolved to a higher level. He is also very grateful for the process that has yielded results both professionally and privately. I am personally very satisfied with Katleen's approach, results and collaboration. I can only recommend her. "

L. M. 

Manager / Volvo

"Katleen knows how to combine her great human knowledge and sharp eye with a soft touch like no other. You can expect results, no nonsense and high integrity. Katleen is very flexible and constantly adjusts during the process. Her clear view of people, processes and conflicts makes it easy to discuss delicate matters. Through practical exercises she can make people realize that things can be done differently and better. Thank you for the insightfull collaboration! "

T. V.B.


"As a young manager I appreciated Katleen's practical approach. She says things the way they are from an objective point of view. As a coachee, I was challenged. Where necessary, a theoretical foundation provided clarity. The awareness of the influence that I have on any given situation has found a place in my way of thinking. That has helped me enormously in my personal development and career orientation. " 



"A big 'thank you' for this coaching that really helped me a lot. The impact continues even today!  There are always new challenges and today, they are also in the way I motivate the team around me. "

P. K.

Business owner

"After continuing medical complaints due to burnout / overload, I consulted Katleen. Useful tips and a direct practical approach, woven into the basic Mindfullness course, quickly led to noticeables results. Also important to me was Katleen's background as a psychologist, which she uses at the appropriate moments. Acceptance, being aware at all times and putting things into perspective are the main points that I have learned and try to apply in my daily life. "

I. D.


"The mindfulness training was a real eye-opener for me! 
I see events that used to submerge me in a different light and I can handle everything much more pragmatically. Emotions and stress do not disappear through mindfulness, but you learn to define them and deal with them in a more relaxed way. It is a technique in which you must train yourself and which can help you, but it is not a solution or goal in itself. But if you are open and willing to give the training the necessary attention, it can give you a completely new perspective on your personal and professional life! "

E. A. 

Manager / SPS

"After a one-year guidance program, Katleen has succeeded in putting a dysfunctional team back on track. 
Thanks to personalized guidance and individual coaching, today there is again a dynamic group of motivated, smiling employees who look to the future with confidence. The ingredients of her success: empathy, psychology, analysis of group processes and thorough insight into working relationships. Warmly recommended "

Inge F. 

Manager / SDWorx

"The training has done me well. From now on I consciously take time for myself, early in the morning and in the evening. During the day, I have learned to deal with ups and downs in a better way. It makes me feel good. A big thank you for helping me on my way!"