Mental Fitness Training

S.L.O.W. up! is a scientifically based attention training that teaches people how to deal with stress, pain, insomnia, depression ... and helps prevent burnout. This technique is based on an Eastern methodology, combined with insights from Western psychology. Our years of experience have taught us which techniques work effectively and we have enriched the classical mindfulness program with other techniques such as Acceptance & Commitment Training, Non-violent communication, Value management ...

Your most important tool as a manager is the power of your own brain. The more you are aware of your own thoughts, feelings and body, the more powerful and inspiring your leadership can be. After all, you are no longer limited by your own beliefs ("this never works" - "nobody sees me" ...), less disturbed by your emotions (eg frustration, uncertainty, disappointment ...) and you get a better contact with your body (so that you notice in time when your battery is low).

Focussed Leadership

As a manager or as a coach you help people to grow in their job. Mindful@Work helps you to stay close by yourself and at the same time to be really open and to pay attention to others. The result is effective support in getting to the core faster and finding the right ways to raise performance to a higher level. The number of sessions (1-2 hours) depends on your experience with Mindfulness and your goals and will be determined together with your coach.

SLOW up! Group training

Do you want to teach your employees how to cope with stress and prevent burnout in your company? Then this scientifically based attention training is the right choice. We start with an introductory session on the basis of which potential participants can decide whether this is the best approach for them. After an intake interview, the training starts with six intensive group sessions. A full day of training concludes this transforming training package.

Individual training

You want to learn to manage your stress more effectively or you are interested in Mindfulness as such?

We propose six sessions of 1h30 with the possibility of follow-up afterwards. You learn all the meditation techniques (just like in the group training) but we adapt the program to your specific questions and needs. Where necessary, we use coaching techniques in topics that are important to you.

Mindful communication

You want to improve the collaboration in your team? This training offers a valuable extra to traditional communication training. Mindful communication makes an essential contribution to better listening, more accurate understanding, constructive giving and receiving feedback, empathic communication and dealing with challenges constructively. The standard program consists of four sessions of half a day.

Start to Meditate

During this interactive introductory session (1h30) the participants (max. 20) are introduced to the benefits of the Mindful@Work program. Scientific background, practical applications, concentration exercises ... Ideal as a taster or as a team activity. A half or full day workshop is also possible.

Contact our trainers for more information:, 0476/927.253 or, 0486/83.06.72.