Our approach

Group training

Suppose you want to study Chinese. Nowadays you can do this online on your own without any problems. The chance that you will actually succeed in taking these classes and practicing regularly is much greater when you do this together with others. By training in groups you discover that everyone often faces the same problems. In this way you learn from each other how you can deal with these difficult situations in a different way. The professional trainer ensures safety and the limits within the group.

The training we offer is not the type of course that laps into knowledge, but a challenging training that also requires efforts from the participants. Since a company invests time and money in its employees, it can also expect a return on investment. That is why candidates are screened in advance. So that time and resources can be used efficiently.

Individual coaching

We use different models: Ofman, NLP, Solution Focused Coaching, RET, Mindfulness, ACT, Team Effectiveness, Situational Leadership, ... We first carefully listen to the coachee's question, put everything together and look for the structure. We then formulate concrete learning objectives together (e.g. clear view, self-confidence, people management...). We check which methods the coachee uses now and which (don't) work. Then we look for what is missing and which patterns prevent him/her from achieving the goal. Finally, we explore various options and expand the arsenal of coping strategies until we arrive at a constructive and sustainable approach.

Team and organisation coaching: 1 + 1 = 3

We start from everyone's unique competencies and specialties and investigate the unique contribution of each team member. Then we look for a way to bring these together to achieve a positive result. If everyone can use their talents to achieve the common goal, the outcome will be greater than the sum of the parts.