Team Coaching

self-managing - open to change - conflict resolution - communication

How do we coach teams?

Team coaching objectives:

  • Make your team more autonomous and self-managing
  • Teach your team to deal adequately with changes and a complex work environment
  • Address conflicts and enhance good cooperation
  • Teach your team to deal adequately with strong differences in vision and personalities
  • Make a newly composed team function optimally in no time
  • In the event of disappointing results, lift the team's performance to a higher level 

In coaching we work with you as manager and with the team. As manager you get a prominent role in which you gain insight into team dynamics and organization design as well as the accompanying tools to steer this the team in the right direction.

With a systemic approach and attention to the potential of each individual, we ensure an integrated approach. At all times we make the link between personal competences and organizational objectives

  • What is your impact?
  • What is your role in the team?
  • How do you create added value for the company?
  • What can the company do for you?

We use practical tools to map the team dynamics and clarify the team roles. We then create an approach together to coordinate all components in line with the objectives. The result is a whole that is more than the sum of the parts. Consultation, reflection and specific action points make this growth process possible. That is why we devote ample attention to monitoring, adjusting and safeguarding the learning effects in the long term.

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