Leadership & Executive coaching

Our executive coaching expertise focusses on 4 domains:

1. Leadership and People Management

  • Develop a solid vision that is supported by the entire company
  • Implement change
  • Discover added value as a manager and translate this into your own style
  • Realize shared leadership
  • Let your team evolve into a self-managing team
  • Motivate and inspire people to become more committed and solution oriented

2. Communication and Cooperation

  • Sharpen your communication skills
  • Communicate with impact
  • Deal with conflicts and difficult situations
  • Communicaty empathically

3. Stress Management and Burnout

  • A better work-life balance
  • Dealing more effectively with stress and burnout prevention
  • Successfully reintegrate into work after a period of stress or burnout
  • Averting an imminent burnout

4. Personal Growth and Development

  • Clarify, develop and deploy your potential and talents in your career more effectively
  • Develop more self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Strengthen self-management and personal efficiency

We ensure that your new and strengthened skills are properly integrated into your day-to-day functioning so that long-term results are guaranteed. We also include the environmental factors in the process and we determine which interventions are needed to create a leverage effect. We accelerate the growth process with the help of specific work assignments.